Customized products, that look to the marketability and the innovation.

Products are studied by theme, with attention to the market trends.

Development of new and proactive ideas, always fitting consumer's needs.

Marketing support is made by attractive packaging solutions, that are practical for suppliers and great attraction for consumers.



Our production system can be summarized in this formula:

Have own production units abroad


consolidated commercial ties with the main producers


be first, cost management, reactivity



Possibility of FOB, DDU or DDP conditions, depending on the requirements, both for pallets, trucks and consolidated containers shipments.

Show room

There is a big and constantly renovated showroom, with more than 400 m² of exhibition space.

The product's selection is made in our showroom by the exhibition and by our easy-to-read displays.



We provide a service of assistance directly in shop, thanks to our specialised staff (visual merchandising and after-sales technical assistance).


Training for salers.

Marketing tools

We provide any type of marketings tools (panels, books, sales aid documents)

For Christmas period we offer a service of store set up by decorated trees, wood chalets and other types of pall box.


Different labels and packaging will customized your assortment.

Here some example of customized labels for Christmas:


illustration personalization

illustration personalization

Merchandising - Some example of merchandising proposals

[[ image,/public/content/illustrations/thumbs/merchandising02.jpg, floatDroite ]][[ image, /public/content/illustrations/thumbs/merchandising01.jpg, floatDroite]]


  • We have a numerical recognation system that links the product on the decorated tree and the goods at stock on sale
  • A photo can replace the decoratend tree (size can be according to your needs)
  • The trees will be decorated and prepared by our staff in shop

[[ image, /public/content/illustrations/thumbs/merchandising03.jpg, floatDroite]]


  • Display Box study